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05. 06. 2024

Non-profit accounting guidance out for consultation  

The International Non-Profit Accounting Guidance (INPAG) final consultation draft by CIPFA and Humentum addresses fund accounting, expense classification, and donor reporting. It aims to standardise and improve non-profit financial reporting. Comments are due by 16 September 2024.
04. 06. 2024

CFOs: Transform numbers into compelling narratives

Accountants must transform complex financial data into compelling narratives. Zoe Kleinman, BBC's technology editor, shares strategies for CFOs and FDs to improve communication, emphasising the importance of engaging storytelling, avoiding jargon, and being concise. Effective editing and continuous self-assessment are crucial for impactful presentations.
30. 05. 2024

Are high street banks really restricting cash for SMEs?

Recent findings from iwoca's Q1 2024 SME Expert Index reveal concerns among brokers regarding high street banks' reduced willingness to fund SMEs. Bank lending to SMEs dropped significantly, impacting their financial health. Alternative financing options like fintech lending and crowdfunding are gaining importance amid shrinking traditional banking routes.
30. 05. 2024

Celebrating the first female chartered accountant

In May 1920, Mary Harris Smith became the world's first female chartered accountant. Despite initial resistance, she set up her own firm in 1887. Her portrait now adorns Chartered Accountants’ Hall.
27. 05. 2024

The Power of Storytelling: Building Strong Brands in Competitive Industries

In today's digital era, amidst fierce competition for consumer attention, storytelling emerges as a potent tool for brand building. It forges emotional bonds, sets brands apart, fosters loyalty, simplifies complexity, ensures consistency, drives engagement, and can be measured for impact, elevating brands to influential narratives.
23. 05. 2024

Quarter of a million ACCA members

ACCA has reached 100,150 UK members and 252,500 globally. With 69,500 UK PQs and 526,000 worldwide, ACCA will celebrate its 120th anniversary this year. CEO Helen Brand highlights the achievement and the commitment to an inclusive, ethical profession.