APP-ly Yourself!

over 5 years ago


So there’s some fantastic advice out there on interview technique and sealing the deal on the job you want, but what about the search and the build up to an interview?

It's the digital age and everyone is using a smart phone and more specifically, job apps, to find their next career move. We’ve put together some information on the apps out there that you should download and use whilst on the job hunt!

Total Jobs & Reed

On both of these you can upload and save your CV making it easier to apply for a role, sometimes just with two taps of your finger. You can create your own profile with your requirements on industry and salary with specific information that you want future employers to know.

Both of these apps have employer logins too, so internal recruiters can log in and enter search terms which may flag up parts of your CV, making it easier for the employers that want people like you, to find you!

LinkedIn Job Search

Slightly different to the two above as this one is aligned with your LinkedIn profile, companies can directly advertise their roles and you can apply for jobs with one click by sending a link to your LinkedIn profile to the recruiter.

Pocket CV/Pocket Resume 

Pocket CV and Pocket Resume both let you create, maintain and email your CV straight from your smart phone. This is a handy little tool to have if you’re on the go and you need to amend something to tailor your CV to a specific role (which everyone should do).

Interview Prep Questions

This is a flash card app that prepares you for potential interview questions.  You can create personalised cards which can then be added or removed from your very own ‘Faves Deck’. The cards are shuffled like a normal deck of cards and you can search them too, each question gives you suggestions on how best to answer it, making preparation a walk in the park!

All of the apps listed in this blog are available on iTunes and/or Android stores.