Why businesses should be investing in Graduates

almost 4 years ago by Charlotte Rogers

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We’re working our way through January which marks the start of many new Graduates’ journey into the work place. It’s important to understand just how useful a graduate can be to a business. Although they may lack the years of experience other candidates may have, they tend to be very enthusiastic candidates with fresh perspectives and ideas. They understand how hard finding a job can be, so they are already mentally prepared to pull out all the stops in an interview and are very likely to continue to have this eagerness throughout their employment.

The ‘Employment Gap’

An issue for graduates is their lack of professional and life experience. Although this should be expected in younger people, they are aware of this current situation and it makes it significantly harder for graduates to find jobs. With businesses understanding the situation and introducing new ‘Graduate programmes’ or ‘Induction schemes’ they can significantly decrease the rate of unemployability amongst new graduates. When businesses invest time into their graduates from the first day of employment, they will be the ones to see the results. Another bonus, is it is great for your company’s reputation, if people know you are open to hiring graduates, you will get a whole stream of new candidates, who will always bring new knowledge and ideas, benefitting your business greatly.

They’re willing to make exceptions

New graduates understand that they have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve the role they want. This may mean they are open to a lower salary, especially if it is their first job out of university. They understand that they will need training. Not only will they need it, they’ll want the training. So hiring graduates tends to be cheaper in the long run. A lot of graduates will also be happy to stay in your company for a long period of time and grow into new roles. This will cause you to spend less time and money looking for new candidates, when you already have a talented team member. Graduates are ready to adapt into a new environment. You can mould them into the employee you so desperately want.

Different Outlooks

Younger people have different life experience and knowledge than older professionals. This is not to say that the older professionals are not of significant value, these employees are needed to form the base of any profitable business. However, they can bring new ideas to the table. Younger people also tend to be better with technology. With technology always developing, companies will need people that are always on their toes and better with technologies advancements. Never underestimate the power of social media; it can put a company on the map.

The reasons for hiring graduates is not limited to these points, different people can bring many talents to a role. Graduates are not always early 20’s either, it’s worth taking a chance.

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