Understanding the Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

almost 4 years ago by Charlotte Rogers

Diversity Image   Blog Post

There is an endless amount of reasons as to why diversity in the work space is so important for the future of businesses. Someone’s background isn’t always the first thought when interviewing a prospect employee but it can add significant value to the workplace and for your current employees.

Diversity comes in many forms, including but not limited to, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, culture and heritage background. Of course there are so many more but the point is to not limit who you hire.  Everyone’s life experience can bring something to your business.

Bringing different people together can have a never ending positive effect on the company and its productivity. Having a variety of different cultural backgrounds in the office allows there to be a better understanding of people and it brings a whole new range of ideas and talent into the business. Employees coming from a range of backgrounds and countries will open up a whole new set of skills that are available to you and your business. Creativity thrives in diversity; you will see endless results, if you haven’t already. 

There is always room to learn and gain a better perspective of different cultures; it will also make the workplace a more enjoyable place. It will strike interesting conversations and employees will be grateful that they have been given the opportunity to communicate with people of different backgrounds; it can be very uplifting and refreshing to have someone different to talk to and learn from.

Then there is the obvious factor. By introducing diversity you are helping abolish discrimination. Having equal opportunities for everyone allows everyone to be treated the same and are not strapped down by stereotypes. Having certain workplace policies in tact will help everyone feel more comfortable and your company’s reputation will definitely grow. People will know they can rely on you and you will definitely see the effects.

“Diversity often means your business will have a higher financial performance. This is presented in the 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, 85% of the CEOs whose companies have a formal diversity and inclusiveness strategy said it has improved their bottom line.” (, 2018)