Tips To Keep Your LinkedIn Page the Best It Can Be

almost 4 years ago by Charlotte Rogers

Linked In Blog Post Image

It’s becoming increasingly more important to include social media in your job search and LinkedIn is proving how useful it can be. With more and more recruiters using the platform to look for prospect candidates, you should make sure that the page you’re using to promote yourself is up to scratch. We have a few tips that will help boost the look of your page and make you look like the industry professional you know you are, without the cost.

Chose the right image

Your picture is going to be the first thing that people will look at, it has to scream professional. LinkedIn is not the platform to use Selfies and filtered pictures. Not to say you can’t take the photograph yourself, but it should look more like a headshot, rather than a Facebook profile picture. Keep it simple, yet professional.

Use those job descriptions to your advantage

Every LinkedIn profile will include a section for your previous employment. This should be used with caution and you should treat it how you would your CV. Only write about valued experience, nothing about working in a bakery when you were 16. (Unless that’s what you want to do now) It gives you a chance to describe what you did in a small paragraph and link any portfolio work that got produced whilst you were in that position. Recruiters love finding links to portfolios and projects, it makes you stand out. Pitch your work, it is worth it!

Use your connections

Take the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and then filter through their connections. This one may take a little more time, but it will be worth it in the long run. These people may post about their jobs, their company and potential job openings. If you have them on your feed, you’re less likely to miss anything and have to spend less time filtering through the job section on LinkedIn. It’s important to interact with your connections as well. Make sure you are giving people recommendations and endorsing their skills and don’t be afraid to ask for that in return. The majority of people will be happy to help and give you recommendations.

How to post

It’s important to post on your feed as well. But it is important to understand the Do’s and Don’ts’ of posting on LinkedIn. You should regularly give updates on your career, how you are progressing and if you have had any great achievements. This shows that you are passionate about your career and proud to post about it. Not only will you stand out, but people may be inspired. A lot of students use LinkedIn for inspiration, give a little bit of that. Post news articles you find interesting, like and comment on other people’s posts but most importantly, DO NOT post personal updates. This is not Facebook, relationship statuses are not necessary.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool that should be checked and potentially updated on a daily basis, but it all depends on how you make yourself look. Remember you are marketing yourself and if people are not impressed, they won’t connect with you and recruiters may look past your profile. It can be a very powerful tool.

Here at Harper May, most consultants can be found on LinkedIn, so if you feel like testing it out, contact us! Or head over to where the consultants contact information can also be found.

Good Luck!