This Week's Brexit Tension

almost 4 years ago by Charlotte Rogers

Brexit Image 1

 It’s been almost impossible to go through your week without hearing the word Brexit. It’s been a day to day occurrence as Theresa May tackles her way through EU negotiations and ‘stupid’ allegations made against her from opposing parties. Whether you are in favor of the Prime Minister or are on the side of the Labour Party, there is a never-ending amount of information plastered over the news and here is what you need to know.

After a nightmare week of negotiations and attempting to sell her Brexit deal to the House of Commons, Prime Minister, Theresa May had to head to Brussels once again to try and get a better deal. –They said no. Where does this leave the house now? – In complete disarray, no order and a split government. Now claiming that there will be further negotiations in early January, some members of parliament are worried about a No-Deal Brexit, which they believe would cause more harm than good. While May claims that ‘No matter the deal, Labour will still fight against it’.

Earlier today, firms were told to prepare for “a no-deal Brexit”

“Later on Friday, HMRC is due to publish an update to its advice on how firms should prepare for a no-deal scenario.” (BBC, 2018)

"Those who are importing or exporting into and out of the EU 27, in the unlikely event that there is a no-deal at the end of March, will need to take certain steps. They need to do that now." (BBC, 2018)

The dramatic relationship between The Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn has heated again this week during parliament discussions, where he allegedly called her a “Stupid woman”. Prior to this argument he has also called on Theresa May to do the right thing and resign. (BBC, 2018)

Theresa May has bigger tasks at hand, other than the ongoing feud between her Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. The first problem to solve should be her ongoing attempt to win parliament’s approval for her deal. The official deadline for the UK to leave the EU is 11pm local time on March 29th 2019. The UK is counting down and the country still isn’t quite sure how this predicament is going to turn out.