Is it the beginning of the end for Facebook...?

over 4 years ago by Tabatha Penny

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The social media giant has been at the centre of a data scandal due to its connection with Cambridge Analytica (a British political consulting firm which mines data to assist strategic communication during electoral processes).

The alleged Russian manipulation of the platform during the 2016 US election is still under major scrutiny. Former employees of Facebook have spoken of "exploiting vulnerability in psychology"... even the founder of WhatsApp which Facebook now owns said it was time to delete your account!

The GDPR enforcement date is looming (May 25th) and this scandal over mass harvesting of personal data has prompted legislators around the world to act in response to it. 

Today it has been reported that Mr Zuckerberg has refused to appear in front of the inquiry in UK Parliament; the select committee has heard from whistleblower and former Cambridge Analytica employee Christopher Wylie, who claimed that the UK may not have voted for Brexit if it hadn't been for 'cheating' by the Vote Leave campaign. 

Mr Wylie told the committee that Canadian company AggregateIQ, which he said was closely linked to the Vote Leave campaign and received funding from it, played a "very significant role" in the referendum result.

The whistleblower has accused Cambridge Analytica of gathering the details of 50 million users on Facebook through a personality quiz in 2014.

There was a 6.8% fall in its share price but realistically, Zuckerberg's brain child isn't about to disappear. The platform is too valuable to advertisers with its huge user and data base, the personalised advertising is just too profitable to give up. Zuckerberg has apologised but this isn't the last we've heard of their connection with Cambridge Analytica and what it means for the new GDPR.