GDPR Checklist for Accountants

over 4 years ago by Tabatha Penny

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GDPR will soon be upon us (May 2018) and we've pulled the best advice into a checklist for accountants

  1. Make an action plan -  Familiarise yourself with what 'Personal Data' and 'Sensitive Personal date Data' are:
  2. Appoint a Data Protection Officer - This person should lead on any changes needed to be made and identify the firms data processors and controllers.
  3. Map Your Data - Where do you obtain data from? Where does it go once you've obtained it?
  4. Understand who else has access to the data you've obtained - Does your firm work internationally? What is the supply chain of your software?
  5. Prepare for a Breach - Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Why not execute a mock breach? 
  6. Raise Awareness - Put up posters, set up an email address for employees to ask questions, hold a seminar on the changes the DPO is planning. 

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