Accounting - Members Statistics

over 5 years ago


Student numbers crept up to 576,000 worldwide last year, and the ICAEW is still the largest having 125,087 members in the UK and Ireland, with the ACCA not far behind with 90,697.

The percentage of women in accounting has also increased with 35% of the memberships worldwide and the ACCA has the highest number of female members at 46% however overall, the percentage of female student members is still much higher (49%) than female members (35%).

The ICAEW's own blog on the subject reported that Melanie McLaren, Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) executive director for audit and actuarial regulation, said, “A thriving accountancy and audit profession is in the UK public interest. The talent pool in, and diversity of, the accountancy profession continues to grow.

“The FRC plans to gather richer data on diversity in future editions of key facts and trends and is seeking views on how to do so. The FRC uses the data from this report to inform its views in developments in audit.”

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