Google Hire Gets the Go Ahead!

over 5 years ago

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What does every employer do during the selection process for a new recruit?

Google them! Now the world’s biggest search engine is rolling out its own recruitment tool…

Google Hire is in its early stages and the internet giant is being quite cagey about all of its functions for job searching, but the thing we are sure of, is that you use it to search for everything else.

According to the homepage, it “helps you manage your company’s recruiting process”. Presumably this means that it will allow companies to post jobs and a spokesperson for the new venture recently stated that candidates will be able to submit applications through it.

Google’s advantage is not to be underestimated; take all of the data that it holds in to account and couple it with an interface as seamless and simple to use as Gmail and you have a giant recruitment tool.

Traditional job boards such as Reed, Total Jobs and Indeed monitor their visitors behaviour; what they generally look for, trends and observations. But they are limited in their monitoring; they can only monitor the traffic on their own websites. Google collects data on what its users search for, where they go, what they buy and who they contact. Applicants may be the perfect fit for the roles they apply for because all of the data collected on them will be used when they’re presented with jobs. Another spokesperson has stated that “Only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application. Private information will not be shared.” However, imagine you are an active job seeker, it’s likely that you’ll allow your information to be shared if it means you’ll be provided with the perfect job.

There hasn’t been a great deal of information on Google Hire and its release has been slow, aside from the homepage, it isn’t publicly available yet.  There are fears that it will be invasive from both sides of the recruiting process; it’s one thing being presented with companies looking for new recruits with a certain skill set, but what about recommending specific candidates to companies?

It’s likely that there will be a trial and that we will get sight of some reviews, until then, be excited if you are looking for a new recruiting tool!