Why Use a Recruitment Consultancy?

over 5 years ago


The general consensus in the UK is that there is a stigma attached to recruiters, whereas the opposite is true in the US; recruiters state side are seen as a crucial component needed to run a successful business.

We recruit qualified finance professionals and a lot of our clients see us as advisers who attract excellent candidates. Excellent candidates won’t always be actively applying for jobs, and on the other hand, those candidates rely on us to provide them with their next career move.

Harper May prides itself on its ability to find and secure the best candidates, there are a few procedures that we have in place to make sure that we only ever send you the top talent; we conduct extensive candidate vetting by meeting all of our candidates before you do. This coupled with our commitment to meet all of our clients and visit your offices ensures that you are presented with not only the best CV’s but candidates who will be a good company fit.

Harper May has knowledge of the market and can always give hiring managers information on what’s happening in the market, what talent is available and what their candidates are looking for. We spend all of our working week providing potential employees to organisations, Harper May enables its clients to make informed decisions efficiently, why spend all of your time searching when we have a bank of talent waiting for you to tap into?

If you’re an SME without the extensive resources for recruitment drives that are available to large organisations, an agency will market your brand by promoting it to its candidates – the ones that you might have otherwise missed out on.

Our temporary resourcing team gives its clients access to interim professionals with skill sets that are essential for short term strategic work and at short notice. This side of recruitment is a great solution for time sensitive and long term projects.