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23. 04. 2024

Leading with Integrity: Upholding Ethical Standards in Staff-Employer Interactions

In today's competitive business world, upholding ethical standards in staff-employer interactions is paramount. Ethical leadership fosters trust, transparency, and inclusivity, driving employee engagement and organisational success. By prioritising integrity, leaders create a culture of respect and empowerment, shaping a brighter future for all.
17. 04. 2024

How will closure of Government Gateway affect accountants?

The closure of Government Gateway will impact accountants, prompting concerns about accessing client tax accounts. The transition to One Login aims to streamline access to government services, benefiting citizens and professionals alike. Accountancy firms stand to gain from improved efficiency and security measures, easing the burden of managing multiple accounts
17. 04. 2024

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Cultivating Collaborative Workplace Dynamics

Fostering collaboration is vital in today's workplaces. Break down barriers, foster trust, encourage diversity, empower teams. Celebrate successes, learn from failures. Build bridges for innovation and growth
16. 04. 2024

Creating a Culture of Feedback: Encouraging Constructive Dialogue and Growth

Encouraging open dialogue, normalising feedback, and focusing on growth over evaluation fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Leaders lead by example, providing training and creating safe spaces for constructive dialogue, driving organisational success.
15. 04. 2024

Workplace Happiness: Creating a Positive and Fulfilling Environment

Fostering workplace happiness is crucial in today's competitive environment. Beyond perks, it boosts productivity and organisational success. Meaningful work, positive relationships, and recognition are key. Leaders must lead by example and promote work-life balance and growth opportunities while prioritising employee well-being.
11. 04. 2024

Government fund offers accountants AI skills upgrade

The government is offering funding to help accountants and their clients upgrade AI skills through a new pilot scheme. Eligible businesses can receive up to 50% of the cost of AI training to boost productivity. Applications open soon, with £6.4m available in 2024/25. Register interest for updates.