25. 02. 2023

Retained Search

Why choose a Retained Search?

  1. You receive the best candidates, not the first.
  2. You receive a higher quality shortlist
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Difficult skillset or location - Continuous commitment to find the right person
  5. Easier on Cashflow – Spread out payments
  6. 100% Success Rate

The main reason for choosing this route is that a Retained Search firm will guarantee a successful placement whether it takes weeks or months. The Search firm will continue to work on the vacancy to find you the right person for no added cost until the correct person is found.

Additional to this, there are some key reasons to choose this option:

  1. Contingent Recruitment incentivises Recruiters to put forward the first candidates that they find for a vacancy, not the best! As they are in competition with other Recruiters, they feel that if they wait for a potentially better candidate to come back to them, there won’t be any interview slots left.
  2. Whilst Retained Search requires an initial small percentage of the fee up front, it gives the recruiter and their team time to put a shortlist together of the best people and wait for everyone to reply which at Senior level in particular can take a week. This then gives them the time to select the best individuals to send through.
  3. There may be many reasons that you’d like to keep the vacancy confidential and using one recruiter rather than many is a great way to do this, you have more control over who is being spoken to and know who is , the name of the business can be kept confidential
  4. Difficulty of the search based on location or skills set requires longer timeframe to find the right person and gives commitment from both side to find you the right person.
  5. We do things differently - The full fee is split into three parts payable on Commencement, Start Date and Completion of 3 Months within the role. This allows for payment to spread over 6 months and can support Cashflow.
  6. We have a 100% success rate when engaged on a Retained Search

Other benefits of Retaining a Search Firm can be:

  1. Talent Platform to view CVs, Videos and Feedback comments
  2. Personality Profiling
  3. Visibility of a Longlist to see everyone that has been contacted