We want to build a lasting relationship with you by being a fountain of knowledge you’ll want to keep coming back to.​

Our core principles:

We provide the right people–not just the right skills but the right cultural fit.

We develop a full understanding of your business and the type of people you look for.

Our search criteria–we match all these every time:

Company atmosphere  |  Career progression  |  Location  |  Role & job duties  |  Personality  |  Compensation requirements

This not only provides you with the right candidate, it means your new hire will be happy and want to stay with you, even in today’s competitive job market. Understanding what makes candidates happy is key to everything we do–it’s why we’re here.

So why use us?

  1. You’ll fill a role 80% faster than using direct advertising.

  2. We handle the stress for you. You spend no time on advertising or pre-screening candidates, and we arrange interviews at a time to suit you​.

  3. We vet over 36,000 finance candidates per annum

  4. We combine headhunting, direct applicants and our database to place each role

  5. We offer psychometric testing on request.

  6. We also ensure each candidate is signed to NDA if requested (confidential hire)

  7. We shortlist up to 50 candidates for each role of which you will receive a handful of top talent

  8. We build strong relationships with candidates throughout the recruitment process leading to a higher acceptance rate

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