At Harper May we want to create a lasting relationship with our clients; this is achieved by being as informative and knowledgeable as possible.​

The core principles we adhere to are as follows:

  • Providing the right people that not only have the technical ability but also provide the right blend to your team. 

  • We find it imperative to have a full understanding of your business and the type of people you look for.

  • This is why we meet every company we work with to understand the environment.

The criteria upon any search we do, takes into account both the client and candidate needs. We match the following criteria in any search performed:

  • Company atmosphere

  • Career progression

  • Location

  • Role & job duties

  • Personality

  • Salary requirements

Not only does this provide you with the right candidate, but it also ensures the candidate is entirely happy with their new surroundings. It is important to understand what makes candidates happy which is why we are here. We are extremely transparent, and are aware what makes each of our candidates happy.

So why use us?

Benefits of using Harper May: How do we find your candidate?

  • We have a dedicated team of consultants, speaking to up to a hundred candidates each day

  • Recipient of hundreds of job applications per day, each of which is vetted

  • Only the top 5% of candidates received make it on to our database

Industry specific:

When sourcing for a role we use a mixture of headhunting, direct applicants and our database to fill a position. 

A shortlist for each role we work on can contain up to 50 candidates, the top 5 of which are sent through to our clients. 80% of the candidates we source for roles end up at final stage with our clients

Psychometric testing (on request)

Benefits of using a recruitment agency:

  • No time spent on advertising for a new candidate, i.e. searching for the best job board to use etc

  • Pre-screening candidates, i.e.: internally interviewing them, checking references and matching the job spec to each candidate

  • On average through any one job board you receive anywhere between 20 and 100 responses. We utilize several job boards and we deal with the top 5% of candidates. Our database is built up on 1000s of candidates which are the top 5% within their field

  • Using an agency will fill a role anywhere between 50% and 80% faster than using direct advertising

  • Interviews are completely arranged by the agency at a time that suit you​

  • In essence the stress of finding a candidate is taken on by the agency

Examples of roles we recruit for are as follows:​​

Part Qualified:

  • Accounts Assistant

  • Assistant Accountant

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Financial Accountant

  • Management Accountant

  • Finance Analyst


  • Business Partner

  • Financial Accountant

  • Management Accountant

  • Finance Analyst

  • Finance Manager

  • Financial Controller

  • Finance Director

  • Chief Financial Officer