23. 05. 2024

Quarter of a million ACCA members

Quarter of a million ACCA members

ACCA has reached two new milestones – it has reached 100,150 UK members and 252,500 across the global!

It was just seven years ago (2017) that ACCA celebrated its 200,000 global member landmark.

The new figures also show ACCA has 69,500 PQs in the UK and 526,000 worldwide.

Founded in 1904 in the UK to widen access to the profession, ACCA will celebrate its 120th birthday in November this year.

ACCA CEO Helen Brand said: “This is an exciting achievement and we’re proud to have so many talented and committed members around the world undertaking successful careers and making such a positive impact.

“Looking to the future, we look forward to leading an inclusive profession for a changed world, with people from all backgrounds, bound by a global code of ethics and committed to continually developing their skills to meet ever-changing needs.”

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