25. 10. 2023

How to improve your LinkedIn Profile to enhance your job search

LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable tool for job seekers. There are numerous ways to optimise your profile to attract prospective employers and recruiters. Don't be shy about showcasing your strengths and qualifications!

Professional Profile Photo:

  • Utilise a high-quality, professionally taken profile picture. Dress appropriately and ensure good lighting.

Engaging Headline:

  • Craft a concise headline that effectively communicates your role and expertise. Highlight what sets you apart as an employer or recruiter.

Comprehensive Contact Info:

  • Include your contact details, like email and phone number, so potential clients/recruiters can easily reach you.

Engaging Summary:

  • Write a compelling summary that outlines your professional background, expertise, and what you bring to the table as an employer or recruiter. Keep it concise and engaging.

Detailed Experience:

  • List your relevant work experience, emphasising achievements and responsibilities.
  • Clearly describe the nature and activities of your past and current employers (e.g., "Managed a 200-employee, private equity-backed retail business").
  • Include information about your current role and past positions.
  • Use bullet points for easier readability.
  • Highlight any experience with systems like SAP, Xero, Sage, etc.
  • If you have financial modelling skills, be sure to mention them.


  • Request recommendations from colleagues, partners, or employees who can vouch for your skills and expertise.

Skills and Endorsements:

  • List key skills relevant to your role (e.g., "Management Reporting," "Transformation," "Investor Reporting," "Forecasting," "Budgeting").
  • Encourage connections to endorse these skills.

Rich Media:

  • Enhance your profile with media such as videos, articles, or presentations that showcase your expertise or company culture.

Showcase Company:

  • If you represent a specific company or organisation, create a comprehensive company page and link it to your profile.

Engage with Connections:

  • Interact with your connections by liking, commenting on, and sharing their posts to build and maintain your network. This also boosts your visibility to relevant individuals.

Customise Your URL:

  • Personalise your LinkedIn profile URL for easier sharing and memorability.

Highlight Company Culture:

  • If you represent a company, spotlight its culture, values, and work environment on your profile.

Use Keywords:

  • Include pertinent keywords in your profile to enhance its discoverability in LinkedIn searches.

Privacy Settings:

  • Adjust your privacy settings to allow connection requests and messages from clients/recruiters.
  • If actively seeking opportunities, use the "Show recruiters you are open to work" function with "Visibility" set to "Recruiters Only."

Professional Summary:

  • Utilise the "About" section to provide a brief professional summary that emphasises your expertise and experience, making it easier for recruiters to find you."