Chief Financial Officer

Salary/Rate:c.£100,000 per annum
Type of work desired:Perm
Desired work region:Essex
Post Date:19. 02. 2024

About Profile

  • A highly experienced Chief Financial Officer with over 20 years of expertise, specialising in the technology sector.
  • Led the administration of the company's finance operations, overseeing key areas such as management reporting, financial planning, treasury management, and M&A activities. Successfully navigated through complex financial landscapes to ensure the company's financial health and growth.
  • Took ownership of company secretarial duties and compliance initiatives, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards. Maintained a robust framework for compliance, mitigating risks and safeguarding the company's reputation.
  • Supervised the company's financial activities, including the preparation of monthly and ad hoc board and management information. Provided strategic insights through budgeting, re-forecasting, and financial performance appraisal, contributing to informed decision-making processes.
  • Managed statutory filings and ensured tax compliance, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail and a proactive approach to regulatory obligations. Successfully navigated through audits and regulatory inquiries, maintaining the company's financial integrity.
  • Maintained external relationships with advisors and transactional finance partners, fostering collaborative partnerships to support the company's financial objectives. Leveraged these relationships to access expertise and resources critical for strategic decision-making and execution.

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Chief Financial Officer

c.£150,000 per annum
A seasoned senior finance professional with over 18 years of cross-sector experience. Renowned for strategic acumen, they've orchestrated successful restructuring initiatives, spearheaded lucrative acquisitions, and engineered remarkable revenue growth. Their adept financial management, inspirational team leadership, and exceptional stakeholder relations consistently drive organisations to new heights of success.

Commercial Finance Manager

c.£70,000 per annum
Highly skilled ACCA qualified Finance Manager with over 7 years of experience, including 3 years post qualification, in diverse fast-paced finance settings. Proven track record in financial analysis, presentation, process optimisation, and customer service. Excellent problem-solving skills, adept at explaining complex finance concepts to non-finance stakeholders.

Senior Management Accountant

c.£50,000 per annum
Highly skilled Fully Qualified ACA Chartered Accountant with 7+ years of expertise across industries. Proficient in financial management, business partnering, and leadership. Excels in organisational planning and audit completion. Adept communicator fostering teamwork. Committed to excellence, they mentor junior colleagues for collective success.

Finance Director

c.£100,000 per annum
Highly experienced Finance Director with over 18 years of global trading company expertise. Excels in revenue and margin growth, aligning finance capabilities with business objectives, and enhancing operational efficiency. Strong analytical and decision-making skills, delivering strategic insights on investment, asset valuation, and restructuring. Proficient in internal controls, compliance, governance, and financial reporting.