Chief Financial Officer

Salary/Rate:c.£100,000 per annum
Type of work desired:Perm
Desired work region:Greater London
Post Date:22. 01. 2024

About Profile

  • A highly experienced and qualified CFO with a remarkable 20-year track record, specialising in the healthcare and technology industries.
  • Managed budgeting, forecasts, accounts reporting, and tax planning, contributing to robust financial health.
  • Took charge of overall office management locally and internationally, demonstrating a versatile and international skill set.
  • Worked closely with investors, providing strategic recommendations and fostering collaborative decision-making.
  • Navigated a successful transition from a B2C to a B2B business model, showcasing adaptability and strategic vision.
  • Achieved a substantial cost-cutting milestone, reducing expenses in 2010.
  • Implemented effective measures to streamline departmental costs, optimising operational efficiency.
  • Adeptly managed extremely tight cash-flow, ensuring financial stability and liquidity.
  • Successfully handled funding requirements, demonstrating financial acumen and resourcefulness.

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Senior Management Accountant

c.£50,000 per annum
Highly adept ACCA Qualified accountant with over two decades of expertise, they have navigated various industries, refining skills along the journey. Masterfully executing Xero and CRM integration, ensuring seamless financial operations and transparency. Spearheading expense management system integration and unifying payroll systems, contributing to informed decision-making through revamped management accounts reporting.

Chief Financial Officer

c.£120,000 per annum
An energetic, dedicated, and ambitious finance professional with over 15 years of experience as a CFO in multiple fast-growing technology businesses. Known for leading by example with a strong work ethic, they have a proven track record in commercial and technical leadership. Notable achievements include orchestrating the debt raise, acquisition, and successful integration of a business, as well as leading the debt raise and subsequent sale of a businesses. They have extensive experience overseeing company sale completions with full due diligence responsibility.

Chief Financial Officer

c.£100,000 per annum
A CIMA-qualified finance, technology, and strategy professional with over 20 years of expertise across diverse sectors. Proficient in seamlessly transitioning between project and BAU finance leadership roles, they are a methodical, ambitious, and results-driven leader. Adept at dissecting challenges to craft solutions that capitalise on commercial opportunities.

Chief Financial Officer

c.£200,000 per annum
An experienced CFO, strategic partner, and commercial lead with a strong track record. Proficient in managing relationships with PE, VC, debt, EIS/SEIS, and corporate stakeholders. Skilled in fundraising and M&A activities, guiding ventures from start-up through refinancing to exit strategies. Specialises in designing, enhancing, and automating financial and operational processes and product development.